Wifi sometimes toggling to "Connected - No Internet"

Hello, I have an problem. Sometimes WIFI toggling to "Connected - No internet" or sth like that. Device is connected to wifi but no internet. Cable connection is still good. Last time it occurs when I shared (Cable connection) to my brother (WIFI) windows.iso through network sharing. He download this file "from me".

Device: DWR-921 c3
Firmware: Powered by LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-19.020.41695-6f6641d) / OpenWrt 18.06.2 r7676-cddd7b4c77

What more info should I provide?

To be clear:

  • You activated Windows sharing
  • You lost Internet connectivity


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Lost Wifi internet after around 30secs after starting "downloading" file from "shared folder".
Wifi is visible, but "no internet"


You activated Windows sharing, correct?


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Yes. But sometimes losing wifi internet without "downloading" file using sharing.

Turn off sharing and your problem should disappear.

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But I need this function ;/

  • Perhaps you should more clearly describe your network.
  • Are you referring to network file sharing or Internet connection sharing?
  • Can you more clearly describe this setup and issue?
  • What is the goal of this configuration?
  • Why does it sound like you're connecting one interface to a router, and one to your brother's device?

How is this the fault of the OpenWrt?

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Is your path to the Internet simply wifi to an OpenWrt router connected to a cable modem, or is there more involved?

Are you sharing this file inside the house, or is your brother somewhere else on the Internet?


I dont know what info I have to provide.

I'm using network file sharing. Im a host (connected with cable) and my brother (Wifi connection) is a user who "download" my files from my drive.

Interfaces: https://i.imgur.com/IdWGfIH.png
Wifi: https://i.imgur.com/bb79RF3.png

I have internet through SIM Card inside router.
File sharing inside house. From room1 to room2.


Neither pic helped (now I have more confusions about the 2 WANs - one not in a firewall zone).

Please explain your Ethernet connection and WiFi connection.

  • Are you referring to the same device (your Windows machine) using both its Ethernet and WiFi interfaces; or
  • are you saying, you connect via Ethernet; and your brother via WiFi..

to the OpenWrt router?

Are you simply saying that when you initiate downloads, the connection says that???

  • Do you actually loose Internet?
  • Does your brother actually loose Internet!?!
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I dont know how :stuck_out_tongue:

Only wifi losing connection, and I have to reboot router.

Can you try by answering the questions in my previous post?

  • You still haven't clearly described if you're connecting your server with both WiFi and Ethernet; and if so, how your brother connected
  • You haven't clearly described if your brothers device is on the same network
  • Is that network the OpenWrt LAN?

If you're both on the same network, simply share your folder. You don't have to make a second connection to your brother's computer.

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I dont have server.. I'm using Windows File Sharing and I sharing my files to my brother. Im connected using cable, he's connected using WiFi. We're in the same network.

Using this..
We have only 1 connection. We both connected to router - that's all.


It does not crash only when "recieving file from shared folder", but crashed with lowest interval of time.

Maybe it's caused by high load?

Hi, I have the same symptoms, I couldn't figure out when this 'no internet' happens.
My device is a TP-Link TL-WDR4300 v1, with a very simple setup. the clients are

  • ubuntu box on ethernet , fix IP
  • ubuntu laptop on ethernet and/or wifi (mostly 5g) , DHCP with mac bind
  • a win10 tablet, DHCP with mac bind
  • 2 android phones, one on 5g, other on 2.4, DHCP with mac bind

I have no issues with wired lan, but sometimes on all of the wireless devices the saying connected, but no internet connection. Disconnect/reconnect doesn't seem to help, neither rebooting the client and/or the router. It's not a constant state, sometimes it works after few mintues.
I'm trying to find a pattern in this behaviour but no success yet.
I don't see anything in the logs, but I'm not sure the logging level is good enough. Any advice/suggestion on troubleshooting/logging?

Is there really no internet when they say that?

Note that you'll never see "no internet" flagged on the Ubuntu machines because that OS doesn't have a check for that.

If the devices are having trouble reaching the Internet the next troubleshooting step would be to log into OpenWrt and see if you can ping places on the Internet direct from the router.


I have some problem, but I don't have Windows sharing, it work correctly but sometime can't access internet

It does seem to be problem with the firmware, I too faced the similar issue with 19.07.5
After being connected for a long hours, the internet on the phone is not accessible while via ethernet, it works. I think this also might be issue with DHCP lease.

Actually, modern desktop Linux distros usually have connectivity check.
And missing connectivity is displayed by NetworkManager applet.