WiFi slow on OpenWrt? (Linksys WRT1200AC)

Reference is made to my previous question (WiFi slow on OpenWrt? (Linksys WRT1200AC)).

I have now installed OpenWRT 22.03.0 r19685-512e76967f. I still have the the 802.11w disabled and use WPA2-PSK. BTW, using WPA3 or WPA2/WPA3 Mixed now results in no connection being possible.

OpenWRT speeds on different client devices are about the half of those on DD-WRT. The same is true when comparing OpenWRT with my ISP provided Fritz!Box 6660 Cable router.

Are there any plans to add OpenWRT support for Marvell radios?

This Router, same as WRT3200ACM, doesn’t work with WPA3. Use WPA2-PSK only.

Amazing given they both use the same upstream code base.

The only difference in settings between the two systems is that I use WPA3 on DD-WRT and WPA2 on OpenWRT (and, I did try both WPA3-PSK and WPA2-AES on OpenWRT). What happens under the hood I can of course not know but on the settings level they are otherwise identical.

You need to remember that Marvell drivers are not open like atheros and Ds-wrt may do some trick to get better optimisation etc hence hard to say.

Play with different channels and width 40Mhz 80Mhz etc

Or use ddwrt if you get better performance?

The marvel wifi is abandoned tech, you’re not going to see any development on it.