WiFi Security Question: 802.1X, WPA3 Enterprise


OWRT supports 802.11ax access points with WPA3+802.1X / full WPA3-Enterprise auth?

OWRT supports MACSEC/802.1AE?

Which hardware? Not sure I should post the same topic in the hardware category simultaneous.

What is OWRT?

OpenWRT supports both, hardware independent.


Hardware independent? So if the radio/radio module supports 802.11ax, 802.11be; then operation with the broadcasted SSIDs/Access Points in WPA3-ENTERPRISE / WPA3+802.1X modes are not at all reliant upon the radio, radio module hardware/firmware governing their operation...?

What about 802.1AE/MACSEC?

Thank you.

Even 802.11n radio can broadcast wpa3 enterprise beacons. AES-192 is not accelerated by old netcards (like most ax)

macsec is fully software, there is no web or even uci UI to configure it, but you can use ip to have it. Probably you need to rebuild kernel and supplicant to support that the way desktop linux does.

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