Wifi router with android net sharing

I am looking for a cheap wifi router to use with an Android phone attached as USB modem.
It would be great if it router could power the phone over USB as well.

The router will only be used infrequently in a summer home so cheap(ish) is important.

Any recommendations for a good router for OpenWRT for this use case?

Pretty much anything meeting minimum system requirements and offering USB ports will do, you rarely get significantly more than ~50 MBit/s over LTE - and if you do, normal performance considerations (like for any other WAN technology) apply.

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That is more based on what gen there is in vicinity, 4G gives at least 100Mb/s and 5G you have about 500-800Mb/s.

I've used a reconfigured BT Hub5 with android phone tethered off it before while waiting for VDSL install.

The trickest part was getting drivers on with just the phone and hub. Ideally you need a working connection to set it up FIRST then take it with you.

Id suggest piggy backing it off some open wifi or behind your existing connection and then follow the wiki for tethering to get all the drivers installed. then make it stand alone and trial it.

I've also used those little mifi hotspots but they are usually custom firmware and you dont get the fun of OpenWrt. I originally replaced the phone with a mifi but ended up piggybacking the mifi off the bt hub like i was using with the phone and used it like that.

I've found a great price on a Asus RT-AC51U (AC750). It runs MediaTek MT7620A which has USB 2.0 according to the spec. USB 2.0 should in theory be 480 Mb/s so I should be able to get decent throughput?

There is not yet 5G in my area, but I get decent 4G coverage.

Or am I naive and should get a USB 3.x device instead?

Usb 2.0 is enough for a 4g(lte) connection.
MT7620 can handle up to 100mbps LTE (ideal conditions) and 20-30mbps under real world scenarios

Do yourself a favour and skip mt7620a for mt7621a, it'll reward you with much better hardware specs and considerably more reliable wireless (rt2x00 vs mt76, which is actively supported).


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