WiFi Router Not accepting default credentials



I am having problems with is accessing my modem from my PC. When I go to (router is on it shows the modem login page, but my user/password keeps saying it is invalid. I tried my old admin login password, as well as the default password, with no luck.

Has anyone experienced this before, or have any ideas? I just think it is weird that I can access the page but the login information is somehow wrong.


If you connect your pc directly on the modem, bypassing the router, and assign static IP do the credentials work?


Hi, thanks for reaching out. I actually don't have a PC, it's a MacBook Air and you already know how much Apple love ports.

So, I cannot connect my modem via the LAN cable. (God bless you Apple :expressionless: )

Any other way around?


if its an old modem could be a browser related issues (newer browser implements things that modem firmware cant understand) . Happened to me once, a few years ago, resolved using a older browser version. Try something that has a good old version archive, dont know about mac ios for windows I would go for firefox portable archves.

Let us know how it goes


Borrow one or ask a friend who has one to come home.


You can add ports using

  1. USB Ethernet Adaptor
  2. USB Docking Station


I can't afford to purchase any of this. I guess, I'll follow @trendy to ask one my friends.

Thanks for helping out. I'll let you guys know if it's fixed or not.