Wifi repeater mode on LinkIt Smart

We use Openwrt 18.06 for a LinkIt Smart 7688 development board. We use the latest mt76 open source wifi driver for an embedded mt7603 wifi IC. It's possible to use wifi hardware in ap and sta modes, also it should be possible to use it in a repeater mode (ap + sta) recording to this article (https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/relay_configuration, however we faced issues with getting IP addresses for clients being connecting to an AP on a LinkIt Smart, LinkIt Smart itself connects successfully as a client(sta) to an external/main router/AP).

Q1: Is it possible to work in a repeater mode on an mt7688 SoC (LinkIt Smart) using open source mt76 wifi driver (it IS possible using a proprietary mediatek wifi driver mt_wifi.ko on older kernels)?

Proprietary mediatek wifi driver, in a repeater mode, connects as a client to an external AP, disables an internal AP for a while and in several seconds gets up this internal AP back, but all connections to this internal AP get lost. We have an esp32 SoC which has another behavior (which we would happy to have on a mt7688 too) - it doesn't shutdown an internal AP.

Q2: Does an open source mt76 wifi driver behave the same - does it shutdown an internal AP for a while during a repeater mode?

Thanks in advance for any help...