WiFi Repeater automatic reconnection

Hi all,

I am a little frustrated about solving (in a non overcomplicated way) the really simple following situation, for which also I do not find in this forum an answer to this:

"A wireless interface is connected as STA (repeater mode), when the backhaul AP (the device which offers the connectivity to internet) is rebooted, the STA should reconnect automatically".

Actually I am solving this by monitoring via ubus to iwinfo to check signal and channel, and if there is no signal or no channel then a "reconnect" command via wpa_cli is used.

First of all I do not like the need of installing wpa_cli just to do this... but I don't find a way to do this via ubus (which I think is a better approach). Anyway, I can't believe that wpa_supplicant has no parameter to set a reconnection time interval or something like that.

Any ideas to improve this situation would help.


travelmate package might solve this automatically for you

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Is WDS an option? I don't see this issue with WDS. My extension units reconnect immediately on reboot of main router.


Thank you guys, I did not say that but I was using WDS.

I have no explanation for this, I just can say that "the device is a little broken".

Yes, I was using the WDS link between two Archer C7v5 , one of them, the older one, started to show another issues (for example, the radios stoped starting properly on boot). I reflashed the unit, tried different OpenWRT versions (both were with 21.02.1, I upgraded to .3, downgraded to 19... always the same).

So I tested with a new unit and all seems to work well between the non-broken previous device and it.

So, it seems that I have a device which is almost lost.

Thank you again guys and I hope that my experience could help anyone more in the future.

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