WIFI Ranger user friendly build any thing close to this?

This is a really amazing build check the documentation here :. https://wifiranger.com/images/guides/WiFiRanger_UserManual_Rev11.pdf
This is really user friendly, I would like to try to find a firmware close to this Please be easy on me i am NEW!!
Thanks -Nate

Hard to say what you consider great about it. Amusing and perhaps revealing that one of the few illustrations shows an OpenWrt SSID.

Have you tried OpenWrt with the LuCI GUI installed? “Release” versions include it by default.

Yeah. LuCi + Travelmate?

Wifiranger's product line is basically my home use case for the GL-AR750S combined with an external Alfa USB adapter. (I've been using it more for work though, as it's got a whole bunch of interesting niche uses.)

I haven't had time to play the approach that much as I've been engaged in another project consuming a lot of my time.

i would try it but there is no file for the groove 52ac i thought?

The reason i am so crazy about finding a super easy user friendly setup that works is for a marina we are setting up with the groove's

That is the problem i am having is to get luci on the groove that will work and then try to add other packages. I dont know a lot about this but i learn real fast i just dont want to brick anything

The user interface is great for the everyday joe that is why i need to get something built like this..Click here Click there all done!

Don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon with OpenWRT

If you want a beautiful and functional system that is easy to manage and has advanced features, check out the Ubiquiti UniFi range

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And that is a good think! OpenWrt is tailored for experienced user's that like to have many options and a flexible configuration system.

That's what i am going for is to make a setup that will be user friendly. I am going to market a unit once i have it up and running.So i need to build something first, I need to also Lock stuff out so users cannot Change or mess up settings. I do not want to have a lot of phone calls because they changed a setting and it doesn't work.
Its going to have to be a build like the Ranger same idea
But if there is support for ubiquity then that is what i might have to do,I dont think ubiquity would last long on the boats underway on the ocean with sea spray.

As those two objectives seem to be mutually exclusive, product-management practice would be to collect and prioritize use cases.

Well, I don’t think any AP is going to last on a boat...