WiFi Range vs OEM

Hi All, just wanted to get clarification on OpenWRT in order to make decisions on my next network device purchases.

I recently flashed a Ruckus 7372 with OpenWRT 23.03.05 and lost more than half of my Wifi speeds vs the Ruckus OS. After searching, I've tried a few things and nothing increased the speed. I also upgraded to 23.05.0 and nothing improved.

After much searching online and the forums I couldn't find a solid answer. All sort of led to a common consensus -- the OEM firmware always (or usually) has greater Wireless speed and range?

If that is the case, why even bother creating support for the Ruckus 7372? I am asking because I'd like to switch all of my hardware over to OpenWRT but ran into alot of problems.

I am hoping it is something that I am doing wrong.

Not having any specific insight I would guess that sometimes having a uniform configuration interface can be quite attractive and sometimes the required trade-offs can favor or disfavor going OpenWrt versus staying with the proprietary firmware.

Thank @moeller0, I was hoping that was not the case. I do appreciate the sleek interface of LUCI and simplicity of OpenWRT and my perfect set up would be all OpenWRT. That is why I spent hours trying to get the Wireless to improve but had to throw in the towel.

This exact device is in ath79 target. The CPU for all devices in this target is not that powerful. Vendor implementations use NSS to make packet processing faster but NSS as it is now can't be upstreamed to the linux kernel and has to be rebased each time a new kernel version is selected by openwrt. This is not someting the core team wants to do.

There are 3rd party community builds using NSS for ipq4xxx and ipq8xxx targets but no one made one for ath79 so you won't likely see more than 400Mbps on wifi on any such device.

I don't even get 400Mbps with Ruckus firmware but to throw out numbers and all things equal it was 174 Mbps on stock firmware and 70 Mbps with OpenWRT.

This is just one location and one test but a good comparision showing the difference.

On TP-Link Archer C6v2 - a similar device, I'm getting ~350-400 Mbps when using it as an AP only and 250-300 when routng without PPPoE. With PPPoE it manages only 150Mbps but all of these are faster than what you see. I'm not sure why.

Make sure

Maximum transmit power

is set to what you expect . I had an instance when I installed a new version of Openwrt and this value was defaulting to value lower than what was allowed for my country

For that setting, would that be in LUCI or manually via SSH because the GUI won't show the max?

Hmm interesting, since this is an AP only, I've went through making it a dumb access point via OneMarcFifty

That setting is in the wireless setup on Luci

Ok, I wanted to make sure there wasn't a limitation for LUCI. For both of the commercial AP that I tested (Meraki MR16 & Ruckus 7372) the default were both the MAX setting.