WiFi protocol in use

I couldn't find how to show what is the current IEEE 802.11 protocol in use in an associated station.
Is there a way to know that?

protocol for what, where ?

you mean in

If an router b/g/n and/or a/n/ac, and 'im connected to it (with OpenWRT installed, obviously), how can I know what protocol was choosed automatcally?

assuming your radios doesn't have the same name, and are configured for n or ac only,
it should be fairly easy to figure out ?

Thanks @frollic,
to be more specific, I'm trying to understand why my ASUS RT-N56U WiFi traffic is so low. My Internet speed is 200mbps. My Notebook is connected to it via Ethernet and reaches speed of 210 mbps on average, but my iPhone 11XS connected per WiFi on 5GHz (Ralink Rt3662 11an in screenshot), reaches a maximum of 20 mbps. There is anything wrong. The distance of iPhone to ASUS is 2/3 meters (nothing between and surrounding).
My question is about this **an**. Am I connected with protocol a or n? If connected with a, why it was not connected with n if both (Router and iPhone) supports n protocol?
That it is the first time I'm experiencing a link above 50mbps. Before, I never got into these protocol details, because I didn't question the speed.

"an" is n modulation (HT-MCS) on the 5 GHz band. This is also known as wifi 4. ac (wifi 5) is VHT and ax (wifi 6) is HE.

Here the HT-MCS is 15, which is the fastest possible with 2 antennas, but the bandwidth is only 20 MHz. an supports bandwidth up to 40 MHz.

The maximum real-world thruput with HT-MCS 15 and 40 MHz is about 120 Mbps.


@mk24, for me this is a new world, because I never needed more than 50 mbps.
All this configurations I understand first. For example, what is the difference when I configure 20 MHz, 40 MHz or 20/40 MHz. Can this improve or even worsen the reception (being close and then far away)?
I just got a brand new Archer C7 V5 and was connecting and configuring the same on my network now. For now with the factory firmware (TP-Link). And I noticed that I can't get any better speed on WiFi either. With this one I'm hitting 80 mbps on WiFi 5 GHz and 195 mbps on cable. The problem for sure is how to correctly configure WiFi.