Wifi Problem With TP-Link TL-WR841N/ND v9

Hello everyone.
I have some issues with my tp-link set as AC Point.
My Wifi speed is very low. Thats my Pc speedtest. https://www.speedtest.net/result/8076503730
and thats my phone ones. Anyway cant post more then 2 links the speeds are 2.32 Mbps down and 0.12 Upload.
Sometimes the wifi is breaking and not transmit at all.
I start to think that my device is broken. I have a schedule reboot time on.
Kinda feel i get a lot of packet loss when browsing.
Have it right now on these setting running http://prntscr.com/mrbxrd
Tryed it on lower mW but still the same issues. Anybody any ideas how i could fix these unstable wifi?
Do u think my device is broken?

Could be an issue of wireless congestion in the neighborhood.

  1. Are you living in a block of flats in a dense city are or in a rural area?
  2. Have you scanned with the phone for other networks transmitting in the areas that you use the Wifi?
  3. Which Openwrt version are you running?
  4. 23dBm is above the legal limit for 2,4GHz in Greece. You should lower that for sure.
  5. The wr841 is working as dumb-AccessPoint only, or does it do also routing/nat ?

1.Yes but everybody is using channel 1 and 11 so i got it on 6.
2.^ Model TL-WR841N
4. Done it. its now on 20.
5. Is working only as a dumb-accesspoint. No nat only 1 ip route to the core-router.
Edit: Cant even connect anymore it says wrong password even if password is 100% right or connection couldnt be established.
Edit 2. Something really really weird its going on here.
Edit 3. After resseting my network setting on my phone i was able to connect.
So I cant connect to my AP but can connect to my main routers wifi.
I tryed an other phone and it can connect to the AP without any issues..
What in the hell is going on here?

First of all the device is quite old and has not enough power. Also there have been remarks of slow wifi.
Have you disabled all services that are running by default? Firewall, httpd, dnsmasq etc?

Do a backup, firstboot, and restore. However I suspect flash corruption. Don't count on the device too much and replace it on first chance you got.


I would like to replace it.
Any recommendation?
I though about the TP-LINK Archer C2 v3 but could not find any openwrt firmware for it.

Knowing your budget and your needs and desires, including the speed of your Internet connectivity, would be helpful.

In my opinion, you shouldn't buy anything with less than 16 MB of flash and 128 MB of RAM at any price (you can hit those marks at or below US$20). Once out of budget-level units, you should have more than that for getting more than a couple years of life out of it.

With demands of more than 50-100 Mbps or running anything other than basic routing, if your budget permits, you should consider recent multi-core, ARM-based router, or an x86 and a separate AP (which could be a moderate-price all-in-one, wireless router).

Here's one excellent place to start with a "short" list (and the posts following)

(Though later posts reinforce that the Archer C7v2 and later aren't a "good value" in the market any more.)

There are also the very long list of opinions at

Thank you for your nice respond..but I think I would go again with a cheap dump ap I don’t need anything else because my main router that I have currently in use is with an fibre optic port and 2 user interfaces what my isp needs to control that whole think speed etc..so I cant really change it. Arrowfibre router something like that.. so after many years using tp-link I think I’m going again with any type of tp-link ap. So do we have any top 3 that you would recommended @jeff of course it has to support OpenWRT :crazy_face:
Edit: forgot my internet speed is 60 down and 20 up!

The list that slh posted and what follows I think is a great place to start.

I've got experience with an IPQ40xx on my bench (porting it now) and it seems to be a good platform in the mid-priced range. I've heard good things about the ZyXEL units, as well as the mvebu-based Linksys units. I do not own either of them. I have several GL.iNet "travel routers" and they have the https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-s1300/ coming out soon, which is on my "short list" based on my knowledge of the GL.iNet products and that I've got some Bluetooth "BLE" projects underway.

At a more modest price, I'd consider one of the mt7621 units that slh lists or similar, though I have no personal experience with that chipset. There are multiple threads about those units on the forums.

Edit: I've had a great "run" with TP-Link products up through the five Archer C7v2 units I've acquired over the years (I would not recommend an Archer C7 at this time for purchase, as there are better options as lower cost). However, I'd never buy another one of their products again for a slew of reasons including hardware design and execution, poor performance-to-cost, firmware problems, and just bad attitude about open-source firmware (to the point the the FCC fined them).

These [TP-Link] software updates additionally precluded customer installation of third-party software, including open-source software.

As part of the Compliance Plan, TP-Link also agrees to take the steps set forth herein to support the development of software by third-parties, including open-source software, for use with its routers [...]