Wifi performance of Archer C6 V2 US and OpenWrt 21.02

Hello all!

I have an Archer C6 V2 which works perfectly with the Stock Firmware.

However, since I have been using OpenWRT for years, I would like to download 21.02 to it. What is holding me back is the message on the device page (5 GHz WLan range and performance greatly reduced). This message is for the EU/RU version only, but I have the US version.

Despite having the exact same hardware, OpenWRT firmware images are different, and there is no warning regarding performance and range for 5 GHz for the US Version.

Can anyone tell me how is the performance, range and stability with the brand new 21.02?

Thank you!

Anyone had any experience with this Router recently?

İ dont think installing openwrt will be good idea. Because openwrt can really decrease performance for your router.

İ think they fixed 5ghz problem after relase of 19.07 openwrt.

Thank you!

Thank you too.

C60 v2 (8/64) != C6 v2 (16/128)

İ see. İ wrote wrong thing. Thank you tmomas for warning.

İ have done mistake and given you link of c60. Dont install openwrt to your router. İt will definitely decrease your routers performance.

Hello all!

Just recently had to flash OpenWRT 21.02.1 on all my routers (to create a Fast Roaming Wi-fi Network), and using the Archer C6 V2 (US) as an AP, I am topping download speeds at 275/280 Mbps. It is a bit "slower" than with the original firmware, however, the connection is far more stable and conference calls are also performing better.

It doesn't top @ 360 Mbps down as the original firmware, but with OpenWRT, at 275/280 Mbps is a flat line. The oiginal firmware would just peak from time to time @ 360 Mbps, but could not keep it there.

I'm VERY happy with the results.


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