Wifi not recognized on smart home devices

Hi everyone,
I have a problem, from some reason all my smart home devices (from multiple vendors - light switches, remotes...) can't see and connect to my router (regular devices can connect with no problem).
my 2.4 network is in b/g/n mode, I tried changing it, changing channels, nothing works.
My router is GL-iNet Flint.

Any Ideas? Thanks!

Not a supported device, ask GL.iNet, it's their (openwrt based) firmware.

I'm aware, but it's still based on OpenWRT and unfortunately their support isn't very good so I was hoping someone here might have an idea...

... and openwrt is based on Linux, ask Linus T ? :wink:

Their FW is a black box for us, esp when they use a hw platform which doesn't appear to be supported by stock openwrt.