WIFI network and memory problem with psg1208

I install LEDE in psg1208 with 17.01.0 r3205. I found the wifi work in client mode, 2.4G 5G both,can only get the bandwith 2.4G 4MB, 5G 6MB. At the same location,same psg1208,same antanne position,it means I don't move it, openwrt cc ,2.4G 7MB, 5G 11MB. The pc is connect with line.
And the the memory is 32M in LEDE 17.01.0 r3205, but openwrt cc 64M.

I test oy-0001 and tl-720n.I got the same bandwith problem.
In oy-0001 2.4G less than 4MB but openwrt cc 7MB.
In tl-720n 2.4G 2.2MB but openwrt cc more than 4MB.

@mbuy I moved this to the Network and Wireless Configuration category so it gets more readers. Thanks for using LEDE!

I don't think it is caused by configurtion. I prefer to believe it is caused by the firmware/driver

I tested 17.01.1 on 720n. It is no problem. But the second time I re flashing the router. It can only work in 20MHz. The max rate can only to 65Mbps. So I use the option noscan 1 in /etc/wireless. It got 150Mbps. And can download at 8MBps.