Wifi Mesh Xiaomi 4A Gigabit <> Archer C7

Hi Everyone,
I built Home Wifi mesh system using batman-adv and 802.11s, the system is running well, however for 1 mesh point, my download speed is drop to less than 1Mbps while the upload speed is working fine.
Device used in my home wifi mesh are as follow:

  1. TP Link Archer C7 (Gateway to internet)
  2. TP Link Archer C60 (1st mesh client, work normal)
  3. Xiaomi MI 4A Gigabit (2nd mesh client, Download speed drop to less than 1Mbps but upload speed is normal)

Please advise whether Wifi mesh 802.11s is hardware dependent? My other routers are running using ATH while Xiaomi is using Mediatek, is this causing the issue?
Is there anyway to make xiaomi compatible with other router?
For you info, if I put wire connection, xiaomi router is working fine and I have no download speed issue This issue only happen if I connect the device using 802.11s mesh, even if I put the device next to archer C7 (1-2 meter away), same issue will happen.

Greatly appreciated any feedback.


why not try 802.11r fast transition if you can wire those router/ap together. wired is always better than wireless IMHO.

My intention to have wireless mesh point is because wiring is not posible.
Anyway the issue is only on xiaomi router and limited to download speed, upload speed is working fine.

I think this issue is related to below forum discussion. I am currently use 5Ghz for Mesh backbone when I got the issue but when I change the mesh backbone to use 2.4ghz, the issue seem to be resolved.

Will try to upgrade to snapshot and give everyone much clarity.

Finally installed the OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r21379, and my 5Ghz mesh backbone are working fine.
Both upload and download speed are normal.

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