WiFi issues with Turris Omnia 2020

I have been going crazy with this for over 2 years now.

I keep trying to look and sort it out every few months.

I have noticed my issue mainly when watching video on demand, I would say as that is where one would notice network issues more easily. I also want to add that I don't have the issue anymore because I managed to connect the device in question via ethernet.

The device is question is a Chromecast. I have had this issue on all issue of Chromecast. the issue is obviously either the steam buffers or sometimes the cast just sort of crashes.

I have gone through Turris support and to be honest I am very disappointed with them. I am not a super network or Linux savvy but I do work in the industry so I know what I know. And they have not even been able to give at least the request for information to help them help me. With the price tag I was expecting better technical support.

I am happy to answer any questions, but I will most likely need help getting some of the information.

they first thing I noticed that I haven't been able to disable is when looking at the lost I get a lot of he IPv6 checking connection to turris.cz I think as I said haven't been able to remove or disable that no matter how much I tried. I don't think it's the issue as after wiring my Chromecast there are no more issues. Regarding the radio I have tried a lot of things numerous times.

I like to support opensource and would love to love Turris to get WiFi6 but as it stands today I would not recommend this product to anyone that is not an expert in WiFi, Linux and OpenWRT and specially not to run your main network. I cannot believe that the newest hardware 4 years later has the same spec.

Sorry this has become a bit of a rant on Turris.

Pardon me - but where is the question? Are you using OpenWRT from OpenWRT.org?


Thanks for getting back to me.

I am using OpenWRT from Turris if that makes any sense. I just saw online somewhere that someone suggested to reach out to OpenWRT for help as there would be better chances to get help than from Turris support.

My question is not so much a question buy a cry for help.
How do I make my WiFi work like a WiFi should work?

The saddest thing is that I don't even believe I had this issue with my router from my ISP.

With what radios did you stuff the device.

I was just going to start sending some conf
I left whatever came with it.

Well here you have to install original OpenWRT as outlined here:
Then set up some basics
As per technical specs it supports only WIFI5

You need to be more elaborate about Chromecast problems, as obviously turris did not sell it to you.

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In theory WiFi5 I more than enough for me. If it work well... (I think)

Ah yeah I read all this a while ago I was going to give it a go. I remember now.


Just whistle if you feel stuck.

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