Wifi issue with MTK7621A D-Team Newifi D2

I wold like to buy the router MTK7621A D-Team Newifi D2. However, I've read on this same forum that it has (had?) some issue with wifi.
The linked thread has been marked as solved, as the OP cited another user, @nbd, who gave the solution. However, in that thread I don't find any message from such user.
Can someone confirm that the issue is solved and, more important, how has been solved?

nbd is a developer that works on the WiFi driver. The updates from nbd was referring to the updates he made to the mt76 (WiFi) driver in the master branch. Apparently from reading that topic, that device is unstable with the WiFi driver included in the 19.07 branch, but is stable with the newer driver included in the master branch.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Forgive my incompetence, I thought that 19.07 branch and master branch are the same thing. So, have I to download and install the openwrt image from the master branch? Where? Or only install the driver? And how?
Thank you for your patience.

No, master branch is the branch where all new developments take place. Every once in a while, the master branch is branched to a release branch. For example, 19.07 was branched in July 2019 as indicated by the numbers. After branching, these release branches only receive bug fixes and no new features to keep them as stable as possible.

You can download images created from the master branch. These are called "snapshots". However, there are a few downsides to these snapshots:

  1. Snapshots are continuously recreated as new commits hit the master branch. The same holds true for the packages. Some packages are compiled specifically for the kernel contained in the current snapshot image. So if you install a snapshot image now, you will be able to install packages via opkg. However, one or two days later, packages might no longer be compatible. The only way to install new packages is to then reflash a new snapshot or to compile your own packages.
  2. Since master branch is the branch where development takes place, it can be unstable.
  3. Snapshots do not contain a GUI. You will have to configure it through the command line or install the GUI via opkg (luci).

To be honest, I would test the 19.07.4 release first. While this other user reported problems with the WiFi driver included in this release, it can be an isolated issue. I would only give the snapshot builds a try if you are running into the same issue.

I am the OP on the other thread. It's hard for me to recommend buying the Newifi D2. While I did find success using a snapshot in June, I have never had great success with any of the official releases. 19.07.4 still had issues for me, which I'm assuming was due to something being reverted. I have not had time to play with snapshots again to see if the issue is resolved.

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