Wifi is blocked

Having this situation:

My laptop can not see usual WIFI SSID on my OPENWRT router.

Router has 2.5 and 5 GHz radios
There are 2 SSID (networks) on 5 GHz radio. Lets call them A and B.
Also there are 2 SSIDs on 2.5GHz band - not affected

More on situation:
Normally my Laptop is connected to network A
After a periode interference (pickup when ping'ing router) I don't even see network A on laptop now
I don't see deauth or ping sweeps in Wireshark so I think some sort of jamming is going on
My phone can connect normally to Network A
My Laptop can connect normally to Network B (the 5 GHz band)
Everything normal on 2 networks on 2.5GHz radio
I launched a Rasp. pi on network to see what's going on. It crashed.

my conclusion:
Wi-fi adaptor on laptop works fine
Router works fine on both 2.5 and 5 GHz bands
Have very hostile neighbors - think some jamming is going on

More information:
I have changed hostname and mac adress on wireless adaptor on Laptop - and still do not see Network A

Is it possible to jam just a Wi-fi client and not the entire channel (phone connect without any problems to network A but network A does not even come up on list of wifi networks on Laptop)?

Any idea whats going on and where to get info about type of attack ?

Thank you

Using WPA3 encryption on both network A and B and very strong passwords

This is illegal - and would cause you more issues on the channel you use. Other devices will simply start using the channel(s) not being interfered with. If you jam the entire band (i.e. all channels - which is possible with unlicensed/untested jamming equipment), you'll have more issues. What you desire to do is counterintuitive in theory.

Also, what channel is set for 5.4 GHz?

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What channel are you using for your 5G radio and where do you live (country)? I would guess that your problem is not an 'attack' or neighbors, but rather DFS channels.

If your AP detects other traffic (corresponding to radar or other non-wifi communications) it must shut down the radio for a period of time, by law.

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Well how come my phone is connecting without any problems and my Laptop is not even seeing network A ?

Your phone may be connecting to the 2G network, while your laptop may not fall back.

Channel on network A is set to auto

NOPE I am login in to Router via LUCI on Phone

Don't use auto.

Select a channel manually. Best to do an RF scan to see what channels are least congested, then select a channel that is not a DFS channel (see the links I posted earlier). Also make sure you've correctly set your country code in the wifi settings.

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by 2G network, I mean 2.4G wifi radio network. Not cellular. Therefore, you'd still be able to use LuCI because you'd still be on the local network.

NOPE I have not given password to 2.5 GHz networks on phone

Also it says on phone that it is log'ed into network A

ok... well, that was information you did not provide earlier, so that was not clear. We cannot read minds... we need all the details.

How about this:

Please copy the output of the following commands and post it here using the "Preformatted text </> " button:
Remember to redact passwords, MAC addresses and any public IP addresses you may have:

cat /etc/config/network
cat /etc/config/wireless
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I will of course change that ... but phone is stil loging in and Laptop does not even see network A in list over available networks

This could be an issue with your laptop.

But let's start with
a) you manually specifying the channel
b) you posting your config files so that we can see what might be happening if there are any technical details that could be relevant or any errors in the config.

Thanks .... working hard on improving ... newbee to everything ... linux ... networking ... even not speking English in every day life ... so sorry man :slight_smile:

That's okay. I appreciate that you are using English here. In all troubleshooting (no matter what the topic or field), details are often critical for successfully fixing things. You're currently the only one who actually has the details, so we're only able to guess for now.

I get that I might be wrong in my guesses, but this sounds rude (even if you didn't mean it to be, the ALL-CAPS is equivalent to yelling)... so the more info you can provide, the better the advice you can get.

Sorry not polite way to say it ... sorry for that :slight_smile:

What specific config files is most important ... thanks

I posted them a bit earlier.