Wifi interference from connected IOT

Hi all,

I am trying to be careful in my home about wifi and bluetooth networks, as I suspect my connections are sometimes weak because of interferences between too many networks.

I need to buy a new washing machine, but many models come with wifi and bluetooth functionalities. I will not enable this functionality (as in, I will not connect it to the network). Do this type of appliance emit some sort of beam signal on the wifi range, to detect and potentially connect to wifi all the time? Or can I rest assured that no signal is emited as long as I do not explicitly connect the device?

I suspect they mostly all work the same, so I don't think it is model specific.


I read about an alarm clock that kept spamming the wifi however if your washing machine will do it I cannot say.

I think it's a case of poor implementation really.

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Was that alarm clock connected to the wifi by the user? Or was it spamming the wifi without the user having connected it to the wifi?

This, if I understood things correctly...

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Ok. got it. Thanks, that's helpful. I think I'll just try as much as I can to avoid "smart" IOT. Honestly, I don't get this trend. Who is genuinely interested in managing their washing machine via their mobile device... It feels to me like nothing more than a gimmick.

Washing machine in the basement, appartment on the 2nd floor -> user gets notified via app on mobile phone when washing machine / tumble dryer are finished.
That's useful functionality, far off from being just a gimmick.

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Ok, fair enough.

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