Wifi hang or stuck or freezing problem fix

I installed latest openwrt 23.05.3 on tp-link 841n v13 router... Everything running smoothly. But sometimes the wifi signal disappeared and Internet connection lost. And could not enter on router"s openwrt interfaces and i had to must restart the router for recovering internet connection... Now the problem solved on openwrt 19.07.10 firmware on that router now everything running well no freezing wifi and internet connection. I also installed a heatsink on router"s cpu...thanks openwrt community and who established this organisation for totally free... many many thanks and grateful to owner and all community members... Openwrt is really awesome adventure on routers.... And also converted lan port as wan port through switch interface...Because my wan port is damaged by lightening.... Openwrt is great for it....... wan port damaged no problem not worried install openwrt and configured lan port as wan port....

Install package zram-swap to havve safety net around OOM and make OOM leave permannet mark as swap file usage once engaged.

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Thanks for your help

Carefully check if you have free overlay space, you can install auc xor luci-app-attendedsysupgrade to upgrade packages together with squashfs, or if you dont have like 600kB just add one of packages next time you sysupgrade.


Thanks boss