WiFi Extender Security

WiFi Extender Security

All Units:
OpenWRT 21.02.2

Network Topology:
MAIN Unit:
Connected to WAN;
Network -> Wireless -> Edit -> Interface Configuration -> MAC Filter - Allow listed only Configured;
Network -> Firewall -> Traffic Rules Configured.
No (default) security configuration set.

Above system configured as per:

Observed security performance:
MAIN Unit:
MAC Filtering: as expected;
Traffic Rules: as expected.
MAC Filtering: None;
Traffic Rules: None.

Required Security Performance:
MAIN Unit:
Contains Security Configuration and periodically updates EXTENDER Unit(s) to confirm Security Configuration is current in EXTENDER Unit(s).
Reflect Security Configuration as contained in MAIN Unit periodically requests of MAIN Unit to confirm Security Configuration.

Please advise as how to effect the above Required Security Performance.

There will likely be need for clarification, do not hesitate to request such.

Openwrt 21.02.2 celebrates 2nd anniversary of EOL :champagne:

You are probably looking into something like OpenWISP
Extender unit is kind of transparent to the network and does not filter the traffic, so you just need to transfer MAC whitelist which can be done by hand like uploading uci dump and applying on extender. Should work to like 10 devices and 2 configurations.