Wifi extender from 2.4g to 5g

hi every one.
i have a tp-link n900 w 2.4g and 5g
i want to conect to my router from 5g and configure a 2.4g as ap

router ---> (5g) <--- openwrt ---> (2.4g) <--- phone

i try to folow the tutorials and i cant conf the openwrt

What have you tried, exactly.
What's the current status of your configuration.
What exactly fails, where do the problems begin.

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i try some internet tutorials.
my configuration is default atm
i can conect to the modem, i can put the wifi signal in the openwrt. i cant share the Internet from one antena to the other antena

srry fomr my english

Are you sure the card can run the two frequencies at the same time?

and the answer to that is an easy/ resounding no.
It's (TL-WDN4800) a bog-standard AR9380 (ath9k) wlan card. One card == one radio == one channel (at a time), no concurrent dual-band.

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ok. thanks for the help

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