WiFi enabled but SSID not broadcasting


I've installed the x86-64 version of OpenWRT onto a Jetway barebones PC (link to specs) and I installed this WiFi card along with these antennas and pigtail cables. After going through this setup guide to turn this into a WiFi AP, the WiFi is enabled but I cannot see the SSID from other devices even though I didn't set it to be hidden.

I installed the corresponding firmware for the WiFi card via LuCI [iwlwifi-firmware-iwl7265d] as well as the extra packages needed to control the WiFi card itself - at least I think I have them all, this is what I installed via LuCI:


Running the command 'iwinfo radio0 scan' gives me the following:

root@OpenWrt:~# iwinfo radio0 scan
Cell 01 - Address: C4:A8:1D:91:87:70
          ESSID: "pph-cart"
          Mode: Master  Channel: 11
          Signal: -24 dBm  Quality: 70/70
          Encryption: mixed WPA/WPA2 PSK (TKIP, CCMP)
          HT Operation:
                    Primary Channel: 11
                    Secondary Channel Offset: below
                    Channel Width: unknown

That shows the current WiFi network I will eventually replace so I know it can see other WiFi networks, it just can't seem to make itself seen for some reason (I've given the new device a different SSID for the time being just so I don't confuse it with the current one).

I've set the WiFi channel manually since setting it to auto disables the adapter for some reason. I didn't try all the channels, just a couple at each end of the list, but each time it was the same outcome (is there a 'correct' channel I should use here?). I also set the country code for the adapter to GB after leaving it at 'driver default' also didn't seem to work. Are there some other troubleshooting steps I should take to try and fix this?

Intel wireless is very limited in terms of AP capabilities, 2.4 GHz only (and that only in relatively recent chipsets, which I'm not sure your chipset applies to). Apart from this, check dmesg for error messages and iw list for phy features, allowed frequencies and valid interface combinations.

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OK I got it working by downgrading the WiFi standard to N mode @ 2.4GHz and set it to channel 1. Not quite what I had hoped for but at least it's something.

Thanks for the input.

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