WIFI editing dfs-radar-detected removal button / asterisks (*)

I suggest making DFS channels more obvious. Something like either;

  1. a check box to remove dfs-radar-detected channels from the list of available channels or
  2. add a * to the DFS channel e.g. 100* or
  3. add DFS to the channel e.g. 100 DFS

DFS channels (if there are any) can differ from country to country.

Not only three dimensionally, but even four dimensionally - as the rules and regulations change over time (e.g. 6 GHz has only been allowed relatively recently - and isn't everywhere, yet). Apart from this, using DFS channels is fine, it just means that you may lose channel access after a recorded radar event. Far enough away from radar installations, these channels are fine to be used, probably even better, due to less competition from your neighbours.


Radar detection may happen at any time, even months after you configured the router.

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