Wifi driver support for QCN9024/9074

I would like to know what is the driver support like for cards such as

  • Compex wle3000h5 (QCN9024/9074)
  • Compex wle3000h2 (QCN9024/9074)

You would be the first to find out, but expect a rocky road and having to chase the latest wireless backports for the time being.

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Unpleasantly surprised that there is no driver support for WIFI6/6E in OpenWRT.

There are, mt76 for mt7915e and mt7921e - and ath11k (at kernel v5.10 level) for qcn50x4 and qcn90x4, but availability of the later is still difficult, new and very expensive, so I very much doubt anyone has tried them yet. Furthermore I have no idea if qcn90x4 was already supported (to a sufficient degree) in kernel 5.10 (so you might have to chase newer backports).

QCN9024/74 is partially supported only in 5.13 and even there its still disabled due to bugs

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Are there any updates for this? Are any 6E cards supported yet?

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There is PCI ath11k support now so all of the QCA AX cards and MTK ones are supported

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Do any of those come in M.2 format?

Yes, you can find both QCA and MTK cards in M.2, originally they were M.2 only.

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Do you have a link to the purchase page please? I find that site a little confusing