Wifi Dongle not detected

Hi, I set up my openwrt and installed the firmware needed on my raspberry pi, but the only problem is that it wont get configured. It detected but it wont show wlan1. I installed every firmware but i cant see wlan1. If anyone can help me, please answer.

Dongle Model: RTL8188FTV
If it can help you

RTL is usually a dead end, from an openwrt point of view, and most of them won't support AP mode anyway, even if you can get them to work.

Really? Then what do I do?

sell it ?
return it ?
buy something that works ... like https://github.com/morrownr/USB-WiFi

this forum is full of broken Realtek (RTL) dreams ...

this might help though rtl8812AU and/or rtl8814AU drivers