WiFi Doesn't Authenticate when Fast Roaming is Enabled


I have a very strange issue when I enable FastRoaming on 5GHZ on a a particular device (Netgear R8000 (BCM4709)). On other Linksys Routers 3200ACM and on Xaiomi fast roaming is working fine. Basically when I enable the option I wouldnt be able to authenticate to the SSID.

Any ideas ?


I had the same issue with one particular device when I enabled it on ubiquity uap-ac-lite running on stock firmware. So it isn't only happening to OpenWrt.

I can't figure out what's happening as fast roaming as a protocol from what I know it has nothing to do with Authentication... Any one had the same issue and possible resolution?

Quite a few clients aren't that happy with 802.11r, even worse with WPA3.


Thanks for your reply. Its not an issue with the client to be fair I think its more related to the Netgear R8000. The Linksys Routers 3200ACM I have no issues what so ever with the same configuration.

Any ideas on how to trouble shoot it ?


Just like wrt3200acm with its mwlwifi drivers, brcmfmac as used in the r8000 is also a fullmac driver. This means pretty much all of the connection handling is done in its proprietary firmware blob running on the wireless chipset - out of reach of driver and kernel, as a result there generally isn't a whole lot that can be fixed without Broadcom's/ Cypress'/ Infineon's participation.

What authentication do you use ?

The authentication is wpa2-psk. I think the issue is related to the Broadcom chipset . I started to give up in solving the issue.

Tried Snapshot URL but the same thing. It seems that the driver doesn't support 802.11r