WiFi dies unexpectadly

Im running OpenWrt on Totolink X5000R (newest build - OpenWrt 22.03.2 r19803-9a599fee93). From time to time (around 1-2 times per day) my connection drops and I cannot reconnect to WiFi. On one device the network is visible but I get an error when trying to connect, on another one it simply goes missing. Only restarting the router helps.
Wired connection works fine.

I tried looking at the logs but I cannot see anything there. Can you take a second look and give me a hint how to fix it?
Last time I experienced this issue was on Wed Jan 4 11:40:07 and I restarted the router afterwards

Im attaching the log files here:
System log
Kernel log

I know this issue from TP-Link WR841nd devices. Has occured since 2021 with devices deployed between 2015 and 2017. Wifi randomly crashes, all devices disconnect and can't reconnect/sometimes can't even see the wifi. This solves itself after a random amount of time (sometimes hours), or after restarting wifi or after restarting the device (which of course also restarts wifi).

I found a solution for this on some forum but can't find the post anymore. Solution is to add a cronjob */2 * * * * iwinfo radio0 scan Radio0 being the only one running on those devices. Maybe the cronjob helps here, too. Could be that the suspected issue was crashing wifi hardware but I don't remember.

Thanks. I have created the cron job and will observe if it works and let you know in a few days.