Wifi dead on Xiaomi MIR4A Gigabit?


Do wireless radios work on Xiaomi MI Router 4A Gigabit with latest release? It shows Wifi as on but SSIDs are not broadcasted (both channels) on previous release at least 2.4GHz was working. Please let me know if everything is working on this specific model.

Thank you.

MT7621 and WiFi seems broken in 23.05.0, so go back to 22.03.05. And wait 'til fixed...


Thanks for the quick reply, its working but I guess have a lot of bugs. I will downgrade as per your suggestion.

Are you referring specifically the Xiaomi MIR4A Gigabit?

No. All hardware with this chipset seems to have this problem.

Odd, I have no issues on my MT7621 devices; but there's also another switch chip and WiFi chip. I recall a post mentioning issues on devices where the CPU's switch is used. If located, I'll post the link.

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That would be great. I downgraded for time being but willing to upgrade again if no issue.