Wifi / connecting to pc for WAN?

I have just installed OpenWRT on my BT Home Hub, all looks good but I do not have any wifi options under network. I read that maybe I need to run opkg update, but the router doesn't have a connection to the WAN.

At present it is plugged into my PC via a network cable, I don't wan to move the setup to the room with my main router as the case is open and connected to my pc's usb -> serial so I can ssh in. My question is can I use my pc's wifi connection to gain access to the net so I can run opkg update?

I have tried setting the IPv4 gateway to be the ip of my present/main router and also the pc which the router is plugged into but it doesn't seem to work. If I try pinging either of these I do not get a reply.

Is this possible - thanks in advance.

You didn't wrote what OS your PC is running. Win 10 offers Internet connection sharing

Apologies - running Win10

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