Wifi connect it with lan port or bridge it

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Question my router is a Linksys 3200acm with openwrt 21.02.1

When I make a wifi and under network I select a lan port do I have internet with the wifi or do I need to bridge it with a lan port?

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By default, prior to any manual configuration, WLAN is bridged to br-lan, but unconfigured/ disabled. After flashing (or factory resetting --> firstboot), you merely need to follow this checklist (for both radios, keep the mwifiex radio disabled):

  • set country code
    (this is usually needed, but might be detrimetal on mwlwifi hardware and its firmware enforced regdom)
  • select an available channel for your region
    don't rely on auto/ ACS to select a channel automatically, not all hardware makes good decisions here (often just picking the first legal channel, rather than a free one)
    avoid DFS channels, especially mwlwifi isn't good with these.
  • choose an ESSID, a name for your WLAN
  • select WPA2PSK (only) and CCMP (only)
    stay away from WPA3 or IEEE 802.11w (protected management frames), the mwlwifi firmware/ hardware is severely broken with these
  • set a good wireless passphrase, longer than 8 characters, up to 63 characters
  • toggle the button to enabled the radio
  • repeat this for both radios, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Wired and wireless devices are treated alike in the default setup, both can connect to each other and have internet access.

Other routing/ firewall policies can be selected, optionally via manual configuration.

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Thanks slh for helping, I think I got it.

I made a wifi connection over a bridge, connected to a lan port.
Every lan port is separated and removed the default br.lan in device and interface I removed lan