Wifi client stop working after few minutes on wrt1200ac


i'm connecting my wrt1200ac router (with OpenWrt 21.02.1 ) as a wifi client to another router that belong to the appartment owner that i live in.

at the very first 2-3 minutes after connecting the connection is working and then the connection bitrate
drop to 2Mbit/s and it seems that the connection basically died (no internet connectivity)

i took a cheap usb wifi card ( TP-LINK TL-WN722N ) installed its driver (kmod-ath9k-htc) in openwrt
and connected it to the router usb port and then wifi client works great, no disconnections ,full speed, and connection bitrate remain on 72Mbit/s

how could this be ??? , how could external old usb wifi card perform better than the wrt1200ac own
wifi interface ?

any suggestion on a possible solution ?

See this thread. The bug affected mvebu routers with mwlwifi driver.

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Flash via sysupgrade.

i just updated to 21.02.2 and the issue still exist

i didn't find any mention of this bug in 21.02.2 changelog
was it delivered ? , if not there is any ETA ?

Thanks !