Wifi-chips bricked while flashing? (Zyxel NWA 1123 AC)


I have several Zyxel NWA 1123 AC and some of them broke during flashing as far as it seems. I used the same open-wrt-image to flash them but outcome seems to differ: in the good case they work as you would expect in the other case the wifi interfaces are lost. In the wireless sections the descriptions are "generic unknown" + "device is not active" + "wireless is not associated" instead of the chip name/brand, in the interface section there is only eth0 but no radio0 or radio1.

Do you have any ideas how I should inspect the problem? Maybe there are slightly different Versions that don't work with openWRT? Or do you even have Ideas how I could make the wifi chips work again?

I restored stock firmware (via tftp server) and after that the wifi chips worked. I flashed openWRT and the WIFI works as intended.

I don‘t know how or why, but this works for me: restoring stock firmware and flashing openWRT again.

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