Wifi chip(s) questions

I find old wifis for free and instead of throwing them out I now wonder if they can be repurposed. I think their frequency ranges are quite narrow. But is that true? I am sure each chip has different advertised specs but I wonder if they use pre-filters or are the chips designed to be very narrow band? Maybe if there are pre-filters they could be removed.

I would love to be able to capture 1090MHz for aircraft for example. Has anyone found other uses for old wifi routers?

I do not think many (if any) wifi chips are capable of operating in the 1090MHz band, and even if they can, I do not think it will be easy...

However, there are specific chips capable of operating in a wide range of bands, than can be obtained cheaply, and used specifically for ADS-B. I would search a bit about SDR (software-defined radio): people use generic DVB-T receivers that can be obtained at eBay for a few bucks, or specific ADS-B devices for a bit more.

Yes the sdr dongles will do it (I forget which model). But that's not as fun as repurposing an old router. I have an SDR to do it already.

I may set it up just to collect wifi data, MACs, etc.