WiFi boosting or repeaters?

I can't find a spot in our house that works well to have just one WiFi AP so signals aren't great in various parts of the house. I am not well versed about WiFi but here's my question.

I really don't want to boost my WiFi so much considering I can see many of my neighbors and prefer my signal doesn't carry any farther. Of course, that doesn't matter too much when using good strong passwords but there are constant new hacks.

Instead, I was thinking of using little routers like glinet mango's for example and just putting them on each floor of the house, all of them connecting to one master if that's possible.

This way, I would have better signal without boosting it too much.

Is this flawed logic and if not, what should I be looking into in terms of setting something like this up?

If you're adding APs to the mix, you're on the right track.

Ideally, what you can do is place the APs around your home such that you can actually reduce the power on each individual AP but still get good coverage through your space. You can think of it like putting extra speakers around your house -- instead of playing music really loudly in one room and hoping to hear it from all rooms, you play it at moderate volume in each room.

You will get the best performance if you can connect your APs together with ethernet. Is that an option?

If not, you will be looking at other options such as relayd, wds, or mesh, depending on the capabilities of your devices. Ideally, everything runs OpenWrt, and even better if they are all the same wifi chipset.

These are old and will have limited performance. I'd recommend getting something more modern, and there is no reason to get a travel router.


That's a great analogy, about the speakers :).

I just happen to have a bunch of those doing nothing sitting in drawers and they seem to have a reasonable amount of radio signal, across rooms at least.

Yes, I could connect the APs using Ethernet from each floor and extended areas.
I would love if this could be done in a way that all the WiFi traffic is on one switch using one network on my pfsense. Right now, I have the AP connected to its own network on pfsense so it's isolated from everything else. However, I'd prefer not to have to create a bunch of new networks, putting them all on that one network.

in that case, sure, go ahead and use them. I wouldn't buy new ones of those, but since you already have them, use them as wired APs.

Use the dumb AP method to configure them.

Also, be sure to tune the radios for each one to optimize the performance across the bunch. Here's a great video that discusses the process (although it talks aobut Unifi, it applies to all wifi APs).

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Thanks very much for the confirmation and the help. Nice to know the idea will work after all.

Ah, the mango's won't work for me. They only have 2.4Ghz and I need both.
Back to the drawing board I guess.

I'll start looking for a TP-link that doesn't have a lot of features. All I need is a LAN port since I won't be connecting anything to it and few features since it'll be dumb.

I was using the TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 so I bought a newer Linksys E8450 AX3200 to get things going. Once that's set up, I'll order another one and do the same idea.
It's old but I guess for what I need it should be fine.

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