WIFI-ATROS-4G MT7620 which firmware?

Hi everybody,

recently i bought this modem route:

From status overview this system is:
Model MT7620
Firmware Version HDR1004GO_B01V10 / OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07 / LuCI Trunk (svn-r23)
Kernel Version 3.10.14

It works quite good but sometimes it stop to works and i have to reboot or unplug to restore the functionality.
For that reason i would like to update the firmware but i can't find the correct one.

Here the System.log:

Here the Kernel.log:

Can somebody help me to find the right firmware for this device?
Can somebody help me to understand why the device stop to work and how to fix it?

Is my first time with a OpenWrt device.
Thank you very much

If you can't find your device under https://openwrt.org/toh/start, the device isn't supported by OpenWrt (hint, it isn't). That doesn't imply that it can't be supported by OpenWrt, guessing based on the provided information, adding support for it should be possible, but someone (probably you, at this point) will still have to actually do the porting work. Embedded devices are not generic, they each need their own firmware, specially tailored to their specific hardware quirks, partition maps, firmware formats, GPIO assignments, etc. pp.

Thanks slh for the reply.

I already check and the device isn't supported.
I understand that embedded devices are very specific but I don't think to have the capacity to do the porting work.


so my situation is that i have a device with already a openWrt installed on it. How can do something with it? It's possible to find a way to do an update?
If i have to do the porting by my own i need to recollect all the information. I know just the basic to administrate a Debian machine.
There is some guide?

Can somebody suggest me how to build a proper firmware for that device?
I tried to read the OpenWrt documentation but i did not fully understand how recollect all the information for my device.


I don't think it is appropriate in my case.
I appreciate any help or indication of other information.

i want to make an update.
I wrote to the producer and they send me a new firmware that apparently solve my problem.
Thank you very much for the attention

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