WiFi AP + PoE + Wave 2 radio

I've been using Unifi APs with the wired-only OpenWrt router, but considering going Unifi-less for a new setup (mainly to cut costs).

If I search the ToH for keywords in the thread subject, I only get two devices: https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_extended_all?dataflt[Device+Type*~]=WIFI+AP&dataflt[Power+Supply*~]=PoE&dataflt[WLAN+Comments_*~]=wave+2

I wonder if anyone can shed some light:

  1. is the wave 2 is supported with the OSS drivers?
  2. does the wave 2 on a specific chipset/radio work with the OSS drivers better than other (Mediatek vs Qualcomm/Atheros)?
  3. I understand that I'm searching for the wave 2 in comment rather than the solid data, are there specific radios which support wave 2, I should rather be looking for?

Finally, if OSS radio drivers support wave 2 just fine and someone can recommend WiFi AP with PoE support which can be bought second hand in US/Canada inexpensively (as in under US $50), please let me know.

I'm not on expert on WiFi, but as far as I know you need Multi-Gigabit switches and routers to support the speed. Do you have the required infrastructure already in place?

I don't ("only" Gigabit) and I don't need the faster speed via WiFi, so I went for older/cheaper devices.

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I haven't considered the infrastructure implications, but given that most wave 2 APs I'm aware of only have gigabit LAN ports, I'm hoping the wave 2 is useable with just gigabit "backbone" as well.

802.11ac/wave2 is supported by OpenWrt, if the hardware offers it (so via ath10k or mt76), however at this point many 802.11ax devices will be cheaper and better supported than most 802.11ac/wave2 APs…

It depends on what exactly you're looking for, but I wouldn't look at 802.11ac for new purchases anymore (unless you have very cheap offers on used gear or need >5 devices (where even a relatively small markup starts to hurt over the total amount of devices to buy)), we have pretty good (and relatively affordable) Mediatek- and QCA 802.11ax devices supported by OpenWrt (the first generation has already mostly vanished from the market, leaving a gap at the lower range of the price range - the markets would have been easier ~half a year ago).