WiFi Adaptivity of CE certification support

Would anyone know that can OpenWRT/LEDE OS support the WiFi Adaptivity Test that defined in EN300328 V2.1.1? I'm working on AR9331 platform with LEDE 17.01 OS, and a lab engineer told me that this chip is too old and not support this requirement.

I searched from the internet, and found that the WiFi Adaptivity may be related to WIFI chip's CCA function, but I cannot find a flag in LEDE configuration menu to enable the CCA function to make AR9331 to support such test.

The dodgy data sheet of ar9331 you can find googling has a one line statment about CCA ! So it’s a driver question rather than hardware one ? Don’t know anything about CCA ! For folks like me:



Related to medium but kind of different

Hi, does it mean that the OpenWRT support the CCA on WIFI driver on AR9331 platform? If so, is there anyway to tune the CCA threshold and the backoff time of WiFi ?

Told you I don’t know anything about CCA just interested in what is it.

This blog gave me a nice overview on CCA:

From google seem to me Felix is your man. Found these:




Did you get anything to move further for CE Certification Requirements as we have requirements to do it for AR9331 Module.

Let me know if you have any updates for the same so that it would be helpful for me.

Ritesh Prajapati