Wifi adapters which are supported by OpenWrt for AP Mode


I am searching for some Wifi adapters which are supported by OpenWRT to work with Raspberry Pi specifically in AP mode.
I need multiple interfaces on Raspberry Pi basically.

Please, can anyone suggest some wifi adapters for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.

There are no good options for USB and AP mode, vendors don't use/ test their USB WLAN cards in AP mode and accordingly their firmware blobs (and drivers) aren't up to the job, that's before even taking resource shortage on the USB bridge chipsets, overheating- or antenna geometry/ problems into account.

The SDIO based brcmfmac cards present on recent RPis should work quite well in AP mode (within its performance constraints, it's far away from actually providing 802.11ac performance or range), but you won't find any decent USB cards to accompany it.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Is there any way to create multiple interfaces on Raspberry Pi in AP modes?

I don't have any brcmfmac devices, but iw list should tell you ("valid interface combinations").

I have had limited luck using the rtl8192cu driver with Edimax EW-7811UN. I have two of them installed on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, using as an OpenWRT travel router. Shortfall is, speeds are limited to approximately 1.5 mbps in AP mode. The one operating in client mode gets about 25-30 mbps back to the wired ethernet jack, which I understand to be within Pi 2 hardware limitations. I have also seen that there are known issues with this chipset and hostapd - (http://raspberry-at-home.com/hotspot-wifi-access-point/) as example.

I am a bit of a noob myself, so not sure if my issue has to do with hardware/power limitations within the pi 2, driver/firmware for 8188cu chipset, or if it would even be possible to get the same 25-30 mbps out of this radio in AP mode with some tweaking to hostapd or elsewhere when using OpenWRT.

Just wanted to share that there are some USB dongles out there that will "work" in AP mode, but as stated within the thread, you may run into driver/firmware/throughput etc. challenges.