[wifi 6] Mango-DVK OpenWrt Devkit

found an interesting article about a new openwrt 802.11ax (wifi 6) devkit

Be aware that ipq60xx SOC support and the corresponding ath11k support for qca60xx is still in the process of being merged mainline (quite literally), it will take considerable time (after ipq807x) before it will be supported by OpenWrt (even though it's quite likely that it will be fully supported in the future).

ipq60xx is a stripped down and more cost-reduced relative of ipq807x, using a similar approach as ipq40xx <--> ipq806x, its development will profit a lot from having ipq807x support in OpenWrt, but it also requires considerable attention beyond ipq807x' needs. If you're looking for an OpenWrt supported 802.11ax device, ipq807x will most likely be in a usable state much earlier than ipq60xx or ipq50xx (and even that will take some more time).

At least they have a github where they release their openwrt for their devices. Unfortunately there's no support for mango yet.

OK, but who said anything about wallystech? Mango is sold by 8devices 🤷

Sorry, I misread the manufacturer information, concentrating more on the technical data.

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It's $219 USD I believe. Seems very very interesting with that 2.5GPBS port