Wich router is better MI 4C or Huawei HG556a

Hey guys I want to buy router to install openwrt and I have 2 choices:
1- Huawei HG556a
2-Mi 4C
which one you recommend
and if there a better router at the same price let me know :blush:

The Huawei apperas to be an ADSL router?

And what is the same price?

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yes its ADSL router , the price is 25$-30$
and thanks :blush:

They're not really comparable products. If you need the DSL function buy the HG556a, or look for a used plain old DSL modem. If you don't need DSL you should consider something that is a router only. The price of a new 4A Gigabit is often as low as $30. It's much better than the 4C.

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