Wi-Fi interfaces memory usage

It looks like Wi-Fi interfaces defined in /etc/config/wireless consume lotta memory. I am using 23.05.0-rc2.

  • Vanilla configurations after factory reset: 42,676 KiB
  • With a dozen of VLAN interfaces defined: 46,336 KiB (there are firewall rules and DHCP/DHCPv6 configurations for them as well)
  • With an additional of 6 AP interfaces and 2 STA interfaces: 109,676 KiB

If I issue wifi down command, it goes back to ~46MiB immediately. Why do wireless interfaces consume so much memory? Is it an expected behavior?

You did not say which model, but ath10k especially uses a lot of kernel RAM for buffers.

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I am using a Chinese router named mobipromo_cm520-79f which uses IPQ4019 SoC. It is not even available for purchase anymore.

That's ath10k then-- both radios are inside the 4019 chip and they are ath10k cores. If there is only 128 MB RAM and you're running the ct ath10k driver, make sure it is the smallbuffers version.

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