Wi-Fi Dongle Compatibility Inquiry for Router Project


I am working on a project to configure a Mikrotik HEX S router (RB760iGS), which involves creating vulnerabilities for my students to exploit.

For one of the practical exercises I'm setting up, I need a Wi-Fi dongle for my routers.

I already have a rough idea of what my lesson will entail:

Lab - Wireless Mode to monitor, test, and simulate an attack on a wireless network (e.g., Aircrack-ng) between two routers:

Practical Configuration: Set up two routers in wireless mode with distinct SSIDs. Enable Wi-Fi security and use tools like Aircrack-ng to test and simulate attacks.

Technical Aspect: Use tools like Aircrack-ng to test Wi-Fi password security, examine security protocols (WEP, WPA, WPA2), and learn how to protect against attacks.

So my questions are:

  • Do you have any advice for choosing a Wi-Fi dongle that can crack WEP, WPA, WPA2, or even WPA3? Can it be configured for both data reception and transmission?

  • Is there a website listing dongles compatible with the latest version of OpenWRT and the HEX S router? I would like to create a compliance matrix with several dongles to find the best solution for my needs.

I hope I have been clear. If you need more details, I am at your disposal!

Thank you for your future responses.

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Thank you for your response!

I wanted to know if this table also includes dongles and if we can filter the existing dongles, or if it's just routers?


No it doesn't.

But it'd filter on USB ports, which you'll need, if you're not sticking with your existing hw.

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If you are 'teaching' let's get some nomenclature straight because any and all students that dismiss that question out of hand should get an automatic A+.

'Dongles' don't 'crack' encryption.
I could go on a tear on some of the other questions but I just got up and I've learned I don't write nice things before coffee and breakfast.


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