Wi-Fi disappears - Crash WR941ND v3.6


I've updated my router to version DD-WRT (28/08/2019).
When i'm downloading something big or i'm just using the wifi devices to browse internet suddenly my router crashes and i have to restart it manually by turning him off and again on it happens after 4-9H.
What i mean by crashing?

I can't connect to internet routers is turning off WLAN so I can't see him on devices and once I saw that every light on router panel is on.

So, I was wondering. If OpenWRT resolves this bug. Since the original firmware has the same fault.
This problem is very annoying and it happends from weeks.

Thanks in advance.

The WR941ND is just too under-resourced at this point in time to run any supportable firmware with current Linux and a reasonable set of functionality. 32 MB of RAM is not sufficient for stable operation, even if you can cram the kernel and OS into its 4 MB of flash.

Suitable replacements with at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM are available starting around US$20.


32 MB can work for minimal router/AP functions, but may repeatedly “crash”, depending on your hardware and use case

Thanks for your suggestion.

Currently, as absurd as it may seem, I cannot pay that amount of money. It's too much for me. I try to make it work stable without lossing my connection.

You could try a "tiny" build and don't run anything at all on the device that is not critical (meaning no GUI even).

The best way to confirm a hardware problem is to test with the factory firmware. If it crashes the same way trying to do basic operation with original firmware, there is likely a hardware failure and you are looking at replacing the router in any case. You could try a different power supply sometimes the problem is inconsistent power.

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