Wi-Fi crash when more than 2 SSIDs saved but not turned on

TP-Link TLW850N v2
OpenWrt 22.03.4

Hello! Could you include more details around the error you are seeing? Logs, configs, etc. will go a long way toward helping you out with this one. :slight_smile:

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Dropping your /etc/config/wireless config into a preformatted text block, with any sensitive details redacted (passwords, MACs, etc.) would be great. Also, what error message are you seeing that indicates wireless is crashing?

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You have a 64MB device. Openwrt generally consumes ~59MB on a fresh install and then when you make a few access points that consumes a few more pushing you to run out of memory. At least that what I think is happening.

You could delete a few unused packages (check the forums for guides) and consider getting a 128MB device in the future. You could also roll back to an earlier version that may use less memory.

You can verify the memory usage on the overview page when you log in to the router.

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