Wi-Fi Beacons: Wireshark says Malformed

The Wi-Fi of my router (an 802.11ac-based chipset from Realtek) does not show up in any client. Actually, it never worked for me. However, when I run Wireshark in monitor mode, I see its Wi-Fi beacons both in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Those are the Wi-Fi beacons from this router because the SSID is readable. However, however, Wireshark is not able to decode the remaining parts and declares the beacons malformed. My question: Has anyone ever seen such a behavior: Any idea, whether that is hardware, firmware, or simply configuration related?

I am asking because that router is based on OpenWrt, not vanilla but a distribution based on it. Therefore, going the software path would be some work. And if it is hardware related, I would instead go that path. And it is used; I would like to play a bit around and repair it. However, if you tell me, it is broken beyond repair, I will not continue and avoid wasting time. Therefore, if someone had seen that before and succeeded with approach XYZ, such an answer would be highly appreciated.

Can you put OpenWrt on it from a see if things magically work? A fork of OW is not OW.

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