Wi-Fi access point with VLAN capable switch

Can anybody recommend a Wi-Fi access point that includes a VLAN capable ethernet switch?

I'd like to use:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 as the OpenWrt router.
  • Gigabit interface connects to a port on the Access Point.
  • Internet modem connects to another port on the Access Point.
  • Spare port(s) on the Access Point connect to home LAN.

Traffic would need to be segregated via VLANs.

Any suggestions? Is this a good idea?

Hardware marketed as an access point usually has only one or two Ethernet ports (with provision for wall / ceiling / outdoor mounting, and PoE).

Consider using a standard desktop router configured into an AP / switch role. This is simple to do with OpenWrt.

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Thanks. I've ordered a 5 port managed switch to connect the Raspberry Pi to my broadband modem and LAN.