Wi-Fi 802.11ac performance

@Kherby I followed your indications, it looks like the firmware stock (Ver. 5.15.2018) on the 5Ghz wifi side runs perfectly smoothly !

Ok, than it's clearly a sign that the mwlwifi driver is causing these problems with your wifi card.
Same goes for my Intel 8260 Wifi card where the stock driver is working perfectly fine.
Report it to the dev but don't expect a fix very soon. I've posted my issue with the Intel 8260 card 26 days ago and no feedback about any fix yet!
I guess the dev is not even working on it but ofc he's working on MU-MIMO... Imho he should first fix these problems with wifi cards!

For me it's clear that i'm going to stay away from any product with a marvel wifi chip in the future when it comes down to opensource firmware!
Imho they have really ruined the WRT-AC series with this crappy wifi chip... :confused:

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