Wi-Fi 6 integration with legacy network

I have extended my network recently with an access point configured to provide Wi-Fi 6 with WPA3 and obviously only limited subset of Wi-Fi clients at home is capable to connect to it hence it has to have distinguish SSID. Still might be good to achieve seamless roaming between legacy network and the new one.
I know 802.11r applies only to networks with the same SSID but maybe there is still a way to integrate networks with different SSIDs? For example with DAWN script (@anom3)?

wifi6 doesn't imply that you must configure it for wpa3/ SAE only, but if you do, you have to accept that this device is unusable fir non-wpa3 capable clients. Using a dedicated ESSID makes sense in this case, but that also implies that ieee802.11r and friends are no longer possible; it's a different wireless network and the hostapd instances can't talk to each other.

That is what I expected from 802.11r behavior. Even though it would be useful in that scenario.
BTW WiFi 6 without enabled backward compatibility is not accessible to non-ax clients even without WPA3.

That is incorrect.

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Actually you are right.