Wi-Fi 6/6e chips/modules for AP usage

I need to buy a Wi-Fi chip which supports a AX standart(Wi-Fi 6/6E) and OpenWrt support. Could you recommend something?

this is what's currently supported in AX https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_available_16128_ax-wifi

For example Intel AX200 is supported too, and it does Wi-Fi 6, but it's not in that ToH.
So it's not full list. Also I need not a device, but chip(module), it's a different things.

Well you didn't say exactly what you wanted, and this forum deals primarily with routers,
so ... assumptions were made :wink:

What's the use case ?

If you want to have it acting like an AP, forget intel, and use the same chip as those routers in the link above.

Like https://www.asiarf.com/shop/wifi-wlan/wifi_mini_pcie/wifi6-2t2r-dual-bands-dbdc-mpcie-card-11ax-mt7915-aw7915-npd/

Might also want to read MT7915 PCIe cards on BPI/Unielec boards


Noone will recommend you Intel radios as access points. Station, yes.

I know that Intel radios are not fr good as AP, but I think there is some others chips that are good for AP, but I don't know about them.

I need it to make an AP.
Thanks for links.

And I said exactly what I need

Wi-Fi chip

"Chip" is just a piece of silicon, it doesn't describe the use case ...

That was why you got the AX router link as 1st reply.

Well, I mean a Wi-Fi card like PN02.7 or AX200, sry for my english.

Ok, so you didn't say exactly what you needed, after all :wink:

No worries, and your English is just fine, no need for apologies.